10 Million Dollar Giveaway ! ! !

10 Million Dollar Page Giveaway Zone

Here at the 10 Million Dollar Page, we are also giving away precious pixel space monthly in our Giveaway Contest. One lucky winner will be able to present their website or URL on our GRID for 1 month in an area of our choosing. The winner of the contest is chosen in a monthly random draw. In addition to being added to our GRID the winner will also be permanently added to our Past Winners page.

Enter your website or URL with a chance of Winning!

Don't have a website? No problem. You can still enter with something unique to yourself on the internet. A Facebook page. A YouTube account. Some URL pointing to yourself.

Giveaway Rules and Conditions / Disclaimers

  1. You may only enter websites or URLs for which you are the owner or have controlling influence (website) or with which you have a valid account in good standing (URL).
  2. Only 1 Draw entry per website or URL per month will be accepted. Duplicate draw entries will be rejected.
  3. Upon winning the contest, you agree to have your website logo and links to your website or URL appear on our main page, and links to your page permanently added to our Past Winners page
  4. No cash value.
  5. Giveaway entries will be accepted from the 1st of the month, to the last day of the month.
  6. Shortly after the last day of the month, the random drawing will take place. There may be cases (holidays, weekends, validation process, etc) where the results will be delayed. This could result in some entries not having a complete month on our GRID.
  7. We reserve the right to make the final decision of determining whether the winning website or URL will blend with our site. If the website or URL does not conform with the conditions of our site, a new winner will be randomly drawn. Conformity includes a valid website or URL, no porn, no malware, no hate website.
  8. The winning entry will be notified and verified by email. Upon successful verification, we will post the respective links on our page. If we cannot verify the winner, another draw will take place.
  9. We will point to the Website or URL which was entered in the Giveaway Website field. Redirects to another website or URL are not allowed by the Giveaway contestant.
  10. The winning website or URL and link to that website or URL will be added to our Past Winners page along with the odds of winning for that particular month. If the link to the website or URL becomes stale or subsequencely breaches conditions of this draw, we will remove the link portion of the website or URL.
  11. The odds of winning will vary from month to month, based strictly on the number of entries received in a month.
  12. In the event that there are no entries submitted for the month, a previous months' winner will default to the winner for the new month.
  13. You reserved the right to have your links or adspace removed at any time
  14. We are not responsible for fouled entries or length of time online due to technical difficulties.
  15. Invalid entries will be discarded.

Privacy: Once the draw is completed for the month, we will discard all entries for that month. Additional information of our Privacy Policy can be found in our Privacy Statement

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