About the 10 Million Dollar Page and FAQs


Firstly, welcome to our site. Our "pixels-for-sale" style pages offer advertisers the ability to purchase blocks of pixels. Once purchased, the advertisers can choose the style of ads they can run on our site. We are also providing affiliates (or partners) space on our pages as well. The affiliate ads will provide the look and feel of a populated site. All affiliate ads are select by our team at 10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca.

Forever Changing

The 10 Million Dollar Page (10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca) is constantly changing! Every hour! Sometimes on every click. Not just the images on our grid, but also the links, popup descriptions and images provided by our clients. Come back often to see what our clients have to offer.


Here at 10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca we have multiple goals:

  1. Provide a top quality site to an exclusive set of clients or partners.
  2. Provide unique advertising opportunities, tailored and customizable by our clients.
  3. To sell or allocate all blocks of pixels to potential clients or partners.
  4. To have between 100 and 500 clients or partners.
  5. To see if we can do it, sell $10 million dollars' worth of pixel space.
  6. To give away $25,000 worth of pixel space monthly, in our giveaway draw.

About Us

This site is maintained and supported by a family team. A Mom, Dad and Daughter team (but mostly by the Dad, Al Paul). Al Paul, a technical geek, has developed a number of websites recently for clubs and for fun. Here is an attempt at a new category for a website - something GREAT, MEMORABLE and EXTRAORDINARY ! ! ! But wait, all our sites are like that...Ok, fame and fortune then.

How the 10 Million Dollar Page Got Started

One day my daughter Serena (who was 10 at the time) was sick. I stayed home from work to take care of her. When she was feeling a bit better, to pass the time, we looked at some random websites. I showed her the Million Dollar Homepage by Alex Tew, and she said, "We should do that." I thought, "Why not!"

The Million Dollar Homepage launched 10 years ago on Sept 14th, 2005. We wanted to create something similar, but better, and we have succeeded. The original site is stagnant with more 1/5 of the links pointing to non-existent sites. In order for our site to thrive, we had to come up with a totally different concept. Our site will always be constantly evolving, with our clients having the ability to change their information on an hourly basis, or even on every click or mouse over.

10 Years Later

Sure, a similar concept was done 10 years ago...but what goes around, comes around. We are talking 10 years later. 10 years is a long time for the web, the phone industry, the computer industry, technology in general. Today, our desktops have bigger screens. We have portable devices (tablets, smartphones, smart watches). We have touchscreens. We have smart TVs. We view the web from our phones. From mobile devices. The 10 million dollar page site is prepared for these new devices. Touch friendly. Now 10 times better, 10 years and 10 days later, and 10 days late (ok, we launched on October 1st, 2015, close enough), 10 times more internet viewers, the 10 Million Dollar Page!

It's been done. But many things which have been done in the past, come back a second time again. Think about popular movies. If it is really popular, a sequel is produced. The 10 Million Dollar Page could almost be considered a sequel to the original concept, but better of course. Now is the time!

The Concept is the Same

Pixels for sale...the concept is the same. The foundation may be the same, but the 10 Million Dollar Page will never stale out. It is unique. It was designed with the advertiser and the consumer in mind. It is a site worth visiting multiple times because the information provided by our clients will always be fresh and new. It is as dynamic and evolving as our clients want it to be.

How Does this Work?

We provide the client with a specially formatted file. The client modifies this file with their information, such as images, text and links and then places it on an agreed upon location on their webserver. We then poll for this file hourly and populate our site with the client information. This polling is accomplished with our 10milliondollarpage-bot, which is a specially designed robot which will gather the information from our clients. This polling occurs every hour. Once the information has been processed, we update our Grid image and respective links for our clients.

What will you do with the money?

First and foremost, our daughter's education. She's 12 now, with full plans of going to University. Not too sure how the inflation will be 6 years from now, but I'm pretty sure the profits from this site will be able to see her through University. The rest, well, too early to say....like the saying goes "The first Million is the hardest." One step at a time....

Seriously, 10 Million Dollars?

Yes, seriously. Advertising is a serious business. An ad for the Superbowl runs at $4.5 million for 30 seconds. With our website, you will have more than 30 seconds. You will have a minimum of 10 Years.

$1000 US per block is actually a very good deal. For a client who buys, let's say, a 5x5 grid. That's 25 Blocks for $25,000 US. A 5x5 block provides good visibility for our client. Now we refresh our grid once every hour. That 24 advertising opportunities per day. 24 x 365 = 8760. That's 8760 ads per year. Over 10 years, that's 87600 unique advertisements for the duration of this site. So, $25000 / 87600, that's $3.50 per ad for that client! There is no Cost per Click (CPC). Hundreds or thousands of users can click on the advertising opportunities without any additional charges.

We mentioned that there are 87600 advertisements over the 10 years. In actuality, there are thousands more. When a viewer moves the mouse over a client's grid area, the popup can be virtually limitless. That is because the popup is under the control of the client. If the client changes their popup every minute, then every minute, there is a potential for a new ad to appear.

These figures are based on the assumption that we are only running this site for our guaranteed 10 years. Chances are we will be running longer than that.

More Questions? Progress? Check out our Blog

Check out our Blog for additional information. We have been keeping the blog current with chronological status updates. If the Blog doesn't answer your questions, go to our Contact page. We would like to hear from you.

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