Client / Purchasing Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions do not apply to Affiliates.
  2. Affiliate sites are placed on the grid (size and location) at the discretion of the owners of the 10 Million Dollar Page.
  3. Purchasing Pixels / Blocks does not entail purchasing a portion of our website. You are purchasing blocks of pixel space at the coordinates and size of your choosing.
  4. We are not under control of "neighbors" to the blocks you have purchased or any of the images they choose to display.
  5. Blocks labelled as "sample" or "Ad Types" are for demonstrative purposes. If you plan on purchasing at the location of these sample blocks, or portions of these blocks, please contact us, and we will relocate or delete these samples.
  6. Blocks are reserved on a first availability basis.
  7. After purchase you may choose to have a different location for your blocks if a suitable location is still available. Please contact us for arrangements.
  8. You may choose to increase your footprint on the GRID by purchasing additional blocks, provided additional blocks are still available and adjacent to your current purchase.
  9. If you have already purchased some blocks, you can still choose to purchase additional groups of blocks, provided additional blocks are still available.
  10. We will be operating this website for a minimum of 10 years effective when we sell more than 50% of the blocks.
  11. You may reserve blocks while you arrange financing with your company / organization. Reservations will be valid for a maximum of 4 weeks for confirmed potential clients. If financing has not been arranged within this timeframe, the reserved blocks will be made available again to the public for purchase.
  12. If you have reserved blocks and we cannot confirm your email address, we will remove the reservation and the blocks will be made available for purchase again.
  13. You may resell, lease, or gift your blocks. Please contact us for making arrangements for ownership changes.
  14. Only appropriate websites will be accepted onto the 10 Million Dollar Page. No porn, no hate sites, no obscene sites.
  15. If after purchase, your links point to porn, hate sites, obscene sites, we reserve the right to change your GRID image, the descriptions, and the links to the popup image. We reserve the right to stop polling your site if such violations continue.
  16. Since you are in control of the content we require http, https or ftp access to the agreed upon landing zone and permissions to read the XML file and Grid image located on your site.
  17. The GRID image must be in JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF format. It should already be scaled to the size of your purchased blocks. If the GRID images are not scaled, we will scale the image to fit. We are not responsible for an distorting this may cause with your GRID image.
  18. Your GRID image along with all the other client images will become part of the main page GRID image.
  19. We may archive the GRID image, and may display them in the archive section of our site.
  20. No Animated GIFs for the GRID images are allowed by our clients. However, animated GIFs are allowed for the popup image(s).
  21. Although clients are not allowed to use animated gifs on the main GRID image, we ( reserve the right to use animated gifs on the GRID. These animated gifs may temporarily overlap some of our client's GRID images. Examples of this could be animated gifs such as Santa flying over the GRID, Easter Bunny, etc. Another example could be flashing or toggling of our Giveaway zone .
  22. Any transparencies in the GRID images will be replaced with white.
  23. Our background for the popups will be white in color.
  24. If your company has a policy regarding spacing around logos, colors around logos, etc, it is your responsibility to ensure these spacings and colors are adhered to.
  25. Your GRID image may be partially or fully covered by a neighboring pop-up when a consumer hovers over or clicks on a neighboring GRID image. This is by design.
  26. We will not be adding any borders around your GRID image. If you wish to have a border around your GRID image, then you are responsible for adding the border to your GRID image.
  27. Information will be polled from your Landing Zone by our 10milliondollarpage-bot hourly. Final polling for that hour will vary until we know how many clients we have.
  28. If our 10milliondollarpage-bot cannot poll your site, retrieve your XML file, parse your XML file or validate your XML file, we will use the information we have from the previous successful poll to populate your GRID image and popup information.
  29. If the adtype chosen requires a description, the description will include:

    Title - up to 50 characters.

    Description Line 1 - up to 40 characters.

    Description Line 2 - up to 40 characters.

  30. Descriptions exceeding the character limits will be truncated. We are not responsible for any confusion (financially or otherwise) this may cause to our consumers or clients.
  31. The popup for your GRID image will appear slightly below the point of contact on your GRID image.
  32. The left and right alignment of all popups are mathematically set so they will always hover over the GRID.
  33. There could be instances when the GRID image is out of sync with the popup events (browser caching for example). We are not responsible for any confusion (financially or otherwise) this may cause to our consumers or clients.
  34. Advertisements along all 4 edges may popup when a consumer leaves the GRID with their mouse. This may occur based on the last block the consumer was on before leaving the GRID. This functionality could change in the future.
  35. Advertisements may popup when a consumer hovers over a GRID image, or pauses over a GRID image for a specific period of time. This pause interval is controlled globally on the GRID, and can be adjusted by based on server load. It is currently set to 1/10 of a second.
  36. To assist with our website discovery and popularity, please advertise on your website or social media sites that you are on the 10 Million Dollar Page. Include a link either to
  37. When a consumer of our website hovers over your blocks for adtypes with an image or iframe, it will generate traffic from your site when retrieving your popup images or iframe specified in your XML file. This is by design. The popup image or iframe will be provided by your website and can be used as a metric by your webservers / website teams to validate / confirm effectiveness of your ads.
  38. We may track how may times each client ad is clicked. This is for statistical purposes only with the results belonging to
  39. Since you are providing the popup image in real-time, you have the right to change the contents of your popup image at any time.
  40. If the Adtype is for images and text, the popup image should be square, and it will be resized by our site to a image with 200 pixels wide and 200 pixels high.
  41. If the Adtype is for image only, the popup image should be 300 pixels wide and 250 pixels high and it will be resized by our site to a image with 300 pixels wide and 250 pixels high.
  42. If the Adtype is image only, then the size of the image should be 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high. This image can be an animated GIF.
  43. A new GRID will be created hourly with images based on the GRID images and descriptions we receive from our clients after the polling has been completed. Once the GRID is created, it will be made viewable by the public.
  44. All payments must be received in full before we start to poll your information.
  45. All sales are final. No refunds will be provided.
  46. If your website / Landing Zone become unavailable, we will attempt to contact you for additional instructions. If your website / company becomes defunct within the 10 year operating timeframe of this site, we reserve the right to resell your blocks.
  47. We may have additional advertisements placed on our site from our affiliated partners.
  48. We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions. Some of these changes are dependent on the number of clients.
  49. We are not responsible for any down time (financially or otherwise) as a result of maintenance activities or downages by of our Service Provider.
  50. Although we have made efforts to prevent malicious attacks, we are not responsible for any downtime or alterations (financially or otherwise) as a result of malicious attacks.
  51. If we determine that a consumer's browser does not have JavaScript enabled, we will not only provide a recommendation to enable JavaScript, but also provide a link to a non-JavaScript version of the main page. On this non-JavaScript fallback page all popups will be limited. The only functionality on this fallback page will be a redirect to the client's link when your GRID image is clicked.
  52. The main functionality of our website is performed with use of JavaScript. We are not responsible for loss of functionality (financially or otherwise) due to JavaScript being disabled by the consumer(s), or for browser / operating system updates which render our pages, or portions of our pages unusable. When such conditions arise, we will make all efforts to fix the problem.