Purchasing Pixels / Blocks

Here at the 10 Million Dollar Page, we are selling blocks of pixel space for you to use to advertise and promote your products and services. Each pixel is worth $10.00 and are sold in blocks of 10 x 10 pixels. Each available block is shown on the website. Each block is worth 10 x 10 x $10 US, or $1000 US per block.

Blocks Available

Blocks Available

Our Grid of blocks are comprised of 100 Rows by 100 Columns, or 10,000 blocks in total. If the blocks are labeled as "Block For Sale", then they are available for purchase. The blocks are available on a first availability basis. Once all the blocks are sold, no more will be available.

Forever Changing

Once all the blocks are sold, that does not mean that the website is finished. Because our clients have the ability to change their Grid image, their links, their descriptions and popup images, the 10 Million Dollar Page will be always something new.

Our clients also have the option of having either static pages or dynamic pages.

Client / Purchase Terms and Conditions

If you plan on purchasing blocks on our website, please review the Client / Purchasing Terms and Conditions.

Before Purchase

Before Purchasing, you will need to determine how many blocks you would like to purchase.

Take note of the top left block location on the Grid on the home page by writing down its X and Y co-ordinates.

Now determine how wide and how high your selection will be. Make sure you are not overlapping with someone else's grid area. Here are some examples:

5x5 Block

5 blocks wide by 5 blocks high

10x6 Block

10 blocks wide by 6 blocks high

20x5 Block

20 blocks wide by 5 blocks high

10x10 Block

10 blocks wide by 10 block high

Minimum Purchases

The minimum purchase is 20 blocks, or $20,000 US. Each block contains 100 pixels, 10 pixels wide and 10 pixels high. Each block is worth 10 x 10 x $10, or $1000 US per block. This minimum purchase amount may change in the future.

Maximum Purchase

There is no cap on the maximum number of blocks which can be purchased. As long as the block on our Grid is labeled "Block for Sale", it is available for purchase. It is recommended to purchase your blocks in a grid pattern as this would make it easier for you to insert text, images, logos, etc.

Ready to Purchase

  1. Start by:
  2. An email will be sent to you to the email address you filled in on your reservation.
  3. You must click the Verification Link in this email within 15 minutes to complete your reservation. If you wait longer that 15 minutes, you may lose your reservation.
  4. Once you have replied to the verification email, we will be in contact with you.
  5. We will contact you to make arrangements for payment, and exchange additional information. (ie. xml file, landing zone information, etc.)
  6. After all the information is gathered and payment received, and you have your XML file setup, you will be live.


After you have reserved your blocks and clicked the link in the Verification email, we will be sending you an invoice.

If you are paying with Paypal, you will be asked to enter the number of Blocks you wish to purchase. Enter in the number. For example, if you are ordering a section of blocks with a size of 5 by 5, you would enter 25.

Important note: Please ensure you have reserved your blocks first before paying via Paypal.

Our Client Goal

Our goal is to have anywhere between 100 and 500 clients. The current minimum purchase is 20 blocks which would give us 500 clients. However, this is highly dependent on the first availability basis, placement of the blocks, and number of blocks purchased by clients.

After Purchase

After purchase we will contact you to exchange additional information and provide you with instructions on how to setup your Landing Zone.

You will receive a unique XML file with a unique validation key. This XML file will be uploaded by you to your website in an agreed upon Landing Zone. You will control your presence on our site by editing the various fields in the XML file for our 10milliondollarpage-bot to poll.

Images / Description / Links

Our site will make use of up to 2 images, both of which are provided by you. The first image will be the one you will see on the main page of our site amoung our additional clients, in the blocks you have purchased. This is the GRID image. It should already be sized to the dimensions of the blocks you have purchased. It must be in JPEG, PNG, BMP or GIF format. (Note: If it is not properly sized, then it will be automatically sized by our software. We are not responsible for any distortion this may cause.) This first image will be copied to our main page hourly.

Depending on the adtype you choose, the second image will be located at your site. This is the popup image. It will be visible along with your description and links to the visitors at the 10 Million Dollar Page when our visitors hover over your blocks on the main Grid.

Landing Zone / Validation

The landing zone serves multiple purposes

  1. It validates website authority (ie. you are the owner of the your website).
  2. It provides an area for you to provide the information we need for your site.
  3. It will serve as the area on your website which we will pick up the information you have provided. This polling is performed hourly by our 10milliondollarpage-bot