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The Woes of Getting the Word Out.

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Firstly, thanks to all the partners who have joined our site. It is really exciting seeing the page filling up. But now to explained the title. Our goal was always to go with organic search engine results. An "If you build it, they will come" philosophy. However from a SEO point of view, our site means nothing. Our main page has grown tremendously since June! Our main page is THE page, the 10 Million Dollar Page. But from a SEO perspective, it has not changed a bit. There is no "content". The main grid image on our home page is actually a background. The links and advertisements are all javascript based. As such, most search engine bots do not see much changing on the page because many ignore or at least do not put much importance into backgrounds, and many do not run javascript. Search engines love content.

So even though the content is changing, almost daily, none of the search engines are recognizing these changes. So, in order to get the word out, we have to now look at other techniques. One was the campaign which launched last week (Social Media via Facebook). We have some additional ideas in mind, so once again, stay tuned.