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Our Mission

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When the original Million Dollar Homepage was launched, it was a novel idea. It was something different. It was new. Pixels for sale. Could it be done? It peaked the curiosity of the internet. It became popular. It became viral.

We have a steep hill to climb to make this site as popular. Is our site a success? Yes. We have plenty of advertisers. Companies wanting us to advertise for them. Will it become as successful as the original? Probably not. But that doesn't matter.

Our site is different. It has a Pixel-for-sale style with better presentation for viewers and advertisers. Our advertisers are current. Our advertisements are current. We offer deals on clothing, travel, petcare, vitamins, geek stuff. We have a monthly giveaway. We are more than the original.

As for getting the word out? Many social media sites nowadays have policies and rules in place to not accept submissions to sites which are primarily "Advertising Sites". Many subreddits on reddit have that rule (InternetisBeautiful for example). Well guess what? I hate to break the news, but the 10 Million Dollar Page is strictly an advertising site. That is our purpose. Our site offers a lot of variety for our viewers.

If you build it, they will come. Our Mission. Enjoy