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Moving to a New Home (Continued)

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So moving to a new domain was simple, but also tricky.

The easiest way was to create a new subdomain on the new realm, wbca.ca. That way, it was easy to move the whole domain at once and maintain the exact directory structure on my hosting server.

Since I make my websites off of a home-made template, I just had change a couple of general variables, and poof I was pointing to the new domain.

But there were a fair bit of manual changes which still had to be done.

Changes had to be made right down to our logos and favicons.

It is complete. I just have to make some minor adjustments not to the site anymore, but rather to other sites which made references to it, and also to webmaster tools out there (Google, Bing, etc).

Out of all the sites I have ever made, this one was the most effort in terms of labor and money put in. More on that later.

Moving to a New Home

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We are going to be giving up the 10milliondollarpage.com and 10mdp.com realms (Not the site, yet?)

We still own the realms for another couple of months. We will re-direct the older realms to 10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca.

We will also be giving up the reference to 10mdp.com as well.