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About 75% Full!

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We are approximately 75% full on our main page. That is about 70 links to affiliates, sample pages and demos. We are maintaining a certain amount of spacing and logo sizing with our advertisers. The more we come close to filling the page, the more time we will spend on optimizing the merging of all the advertisers. It is a bit of an art. We do not know ahead of time the size of our affiliate logos, nor the number of affiliates we will have on our pages. This optimization may involve resizing and/or relocating some of the ads, but ultimately the goal we have is to break the main page into multiple pages based on categories.

Once again, stay tuned. More affiliate additions are happening almost every day. Once our main page is filled, more website redesigning will be underway.

Share with Your Friends

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Something we should have added fairly soon in the game but added it today. A collection of "Share" buttons to popular social media sites. We have added social media buttons to other sites before, but this time it was added a bit differently.

We used a technique called "sprites" which has all the icons in 1 file. We had initially set up the icons the old fashioned way as we have always done by having 1 image per icon. After setting up 8 social media sites we noticed 8 additional hits to our site per main page visit.

This is expected, but not acceptable. We need optimization with our site because of the volume of traffic expected. We had heard of the sprite technique before but never had a chance to dive into it. Now it is done.

So, to help our customers / viewers share our site with their friends, we have include easy to click buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg.

Aside: Not too sure if this should have been under the Marketing Category of our blog because it is also marketing we are doing. Since it turned into an optimization task, it made more sense to add it to Website News.