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Million Dollar Homepage Copycat?

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Is our site a copycat of the original Million Dollar Homepage? Let us know in our contact page. We would like to hear from you. We will post the results of this question on a following post.

Our Mission

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When the original Million Dollar Homepage was launched, it was a novel idea. It was something different. It was new. Pixels for sale. Could it be done? It peaked the curiosity of the internet. It became popular. It became viral.

We have a steep hill to climb to make this site as popular. Is our site a success? Yes. We have plenty of advertisers. Companies wanting us to advertise for them. Will it become as successful as the original? Probably not. But that doesn't matter.

Our site is different. It has a Pixel-for-sale style with better presentation for viewers and advertisers. Our advertisers are current. Our advertisements are current. We offer deals on clothing, travel, petcare, vitamins, geek stuff. We have a monthly giveaway. We are more than the original.

As for getting the word out? Many social media sites nowadays have policies and rules in place to not accept submissions to sites which are primarily "Advertising Sites". Many subreddits on reddit have that rule (InternetisBeautiful for example). Well guess what? I hate to break the news, but the 10 Million Dollar Page is strictly an advertising site. That is our purpose. Our site offers a lot of variety for our viewers.

If you build it, they will come. Our Mission. Enjoy

First Post of the 2018

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Another year is upon us and another year for 10mdp.com. We started our journey in 2015. Since that time there have been a number of changes made to the site, processes and content. We started our concept as a pixels-for-sale site which then turning into an affiliate promoting site. We have signed up with various affiliate providers, and recently have discontinued partnership with others all while maintaining our goals for our site. We are quite happy with the functionality of 10mdp.com, both from a user experience perspective and from a partnership perspective. We have grown with our site, learning what works and what doesn't.

We look forward to the New Year, and all the success and pitfalls associated with it. This is the 10 million dollar page, an awesome and unique way to shop online. No other online shop is quite like ours.

Welcome to the future.

Changing Focus

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We are proud to begin changing focus on what and who we are. We were initially focussed on being the 10 Million Dollar Page - a pixel-for-sale style site. However, we are much more.

We have many really good partners on our pages now. If you are planning a getaway, we have partners for Travel, Flights, Hotel Bookings, and Itinerary. If you have a cat or dog, we have partners for pets and pet care. We have partnered with many unique clothing retailers.

The 10 Million Dollar Page makes shopping online easier. Most of our partners offer sales on their products and services. Shoes, Vitamins, Flowers, Geek Stuff - it is all here.

Check out the Black Friday deals. Get ready for Christmas by shopping online.

The 10 Million Dollar Page Animated GIF

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We have been adding partners and contest winners to the 10 Million Dollar Page over the past number of months. And anytime we make changes to the main GRID image, we record a snapshot of the image. So, for kicks, we put together an animated gif showing all the sites which were added between June 1st, 2017 to November 2nd, 2017 in the sequence they were added / deleted. Please note, that this is not a final animation. Since our site is never stagnant, always changing, there will be additional sites added and/or deleted over time.

Enjoy the show.

Note: We scaled down the animation to 1/4 size (ie. 250x250 pixels). Otherwise the animation would be over 30Meg in size. We may post the full size animation to YouTube.

10 Million Dollar Page Animated GIF

Million Dollar Homepage Alternative?

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Is the 10 Million Dollar Page created by Al Paul an alternative or clone to the Million Dollar Homepage created by Alex Tew 12 years ago?

The answer is neither yes nor no.

Yes. The pages and layout are similar. Both have a pixels-for-sale philosophy. Both are 1000x1000 grids of pixels broken into blocks of 100 pixels each. Both offer(ed) advertisers an image and a link. Both are successful in that both sites have participating merchants displaying their ads.

But that is where the similarities end. In addition to the image and link, the 10 Million Dollar Page offers a popup. This popup provides the consumer a sampling of what the merchant has to offer. The image and the link are not fixed on the 10 Million Dollar Page. The 10 Million Dollar Page is designed so that it can change every hour.

The Million Dollar Homepage is stale, with over 1/5 of its links stagnant. The 10 Million Dollar page is fresh with active, current merchants. Its links will never stale out, by design.

The Million Dollar Homepage filled in every available block and did not require a minimum purchase. This resulted in a somewhat cluttered look. The 10 Million Dollar Page is providing the merchants with decent size footprints on its Grid. There is also spacing between all the merchants, provide a more open look and feel.

The Million Dollar Homepage made its owner $1,000,000 dollars upfront from their advertisers. Alex trumped the market with that feat! The 10 Million Dollar Page gets its owner revenue through affiliate marketing (percentage of successful sales).

The 10 Million Dollar Page was written with the advertiser and the consumer in mind. It was tailor written for the most popular ad types. It is scalable with an expansion strategy.

In conclusion, although both websites are very similar to one another, they are not a clone of each other. Each one is unique enough to make its own distinct mark with the internet community.

Feel free to leave your opinion by contacting us

A Permanent Mark

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We know, what type of title is this. On July 17th, we posted The Woes of Getting the Word Out. In it we mentioned how search engines are ignoring our front page image because it is a "Background" image. And it is true. When we search the internet with all major search engines, we do not see a single image of our GRID. So, without further ado, we are leaving a permanent mark by posting an image of our GRID, so search engines are happy (and more so, we are happy :).

10 Million Dollar Page

Note: Since this blog is "home grown", the image below will always be a current snapshot of what the current GRID image is, so don't let the date of the blog throw you off.

And to leave an additional mark, here is a reference or download link to our GRID image. 10-million-dollar-page.jpg

Leaving a Tip?

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We will be attempting to get the word out a number of ways. We will be leaving pitches with various online news agencies.. Here is the general wording for our pitch:

Million Dollar Page Revived?
The Million Dollar Homepage was hugely popular 12 Years ago. The original creator said it was a one time phenomenon. Many have tried since and failed. Now, the 10 Million Dollar Page is starting to take off with advertisers coming on board daily. Will it overtake the original in popularity? Time will tell. Check out the 10 Million Dollar Page at https://10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca.

Note: I am the creator of the 10milliondollarpage.com. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at my personal email (xxx@xxx)

We will see if this sparks any interest.

The Woes of Getting the Word Out.

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Firstly, thanks to all the partners who have joined our site. It is really exciting seeing the page filling up. But now to explained the title. Our goal was always to go with organic search engine results. An "If you build it, they will come" philosophy. However from a SEO point of view, our site means nothing. Our main page has grown tremendously since June! Our main page is THE page, the 10 Million Dollar Page. But from a SEO perspective, it has not changed a bit. There is no "content". The main grid image on our home page is actually a background. The links and advertisements are all javascript based. As such, most search engine bots do not see much changing on the page because many ignore or at least do not put much importance into backgrounds, and many do not run javascript. Search engines love content.

So even though the content is changing, almost daily, none of the search engines are recognizing these changes. So, in order to get the word out, we have to now look at other techniques. One was the campaign which launched last week (Social Media via Facebook). We have some additional ideas in mind, so once again, stay tuned.

Another Campaign

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We have now a good number of partners on our site. Now to start with one of our campaigns. One of our partner sites, Rainbow Loom Patterns is featured on our site. Their facebook account has 2000+ friends. Rainbow Loom Patterns posted publically and to their friend list on Facebook that they are on our site. They also linked backed to our site. This should spark some interest in the 10 million dollar page.

More Affiliates Added

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We have been adding affiliates to our site gradually over the past month. We are currently sitting at 12 affiliates. Our goal is to have about 30 affiliates before we start another campaign. The goal of our previous campaign we had near the beginning of the year was to get clients onto our site. This time the campaign will be to get visitors to our site. We have plans for this. As normal, we will release details in our blog after the campaign has launched. But first, more affiliates.

Easy to Remember Even If You Forget

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Our site needs a slogan or catch phrase. 10 Million dollar page is easy to remember initially, but after a while, you may think it was 10 Million dollar site, or 10 Million dollar homepage, or 10 Million dollar 'something'...but that's where 10mdp.com comes in. 10milliondollarpage.com is synonymous with 10mdp.com. If you remember 10mdp, then you will remember our site. That is also where a slogan or catch phrase kicks in. After a couple of weeks, 'Easy to remember even if you forget' will result in search engine hits to our site as well. Not to mention we have tenmdp and tenmilliondollarpage coming to our site. We've got you covered...wait...another slogan?

Another Partnership

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We have partnered with another marketing firm. This one is Commission Junction, or cj.com for short. More potential affiliates to add to the site. Exciting times.

The Chicken or the Egg

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We know, weird title. But that's how we feel right now with our popularity. In order for some partner sites to come on board, we need to be more popular. But in order to be popular, we need more partner sites. We would like to thank some of the recently added partners for accepting our requests for partnership. We would also like to thank some for proactively asking to be on our site.

Next Phase While We Wait

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We are starting to populate our site with some partner links and advertisements. We need to point out these are not direct sales of pixels, but rather an alternative method of providing advertisements for our partners. We have partnered with Rakuten Marketing for affiliate sites. We had to make some adjustments to our site and to our terms and conditions to accommodate these types of ads, but nothing too major. The layout of their ads works nicely with our site. It will be fun setting this up, and exciting to see additional products and services being added to our site. Thank you to hotelwiz.com for being the first to come aboard.

Initial Campaign Unsuccessful

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Our initial campaign results from January were unfortunately not very promising. The campaign consisted of a letter we mailed out to 150+ potential clients. Yes, a letter. Old fashioned snail mail. From the 150+ letters, we received responses from 2 potential clients stating they were not interested at this time. Thank you for the responses. The rest, well, it was a black hole. No acknowledgements or responses. There was even some doubt in our minds whether the letters even made it out. But then, a small portion of letters were returned with a 'Return to Sender' stamp because of an invalid address. My bad. In my defense, some of the potential clients did not have mailing addresses on their websites, so I did the best efforts with the resources I had available.

Are we discouraged? Yes. Are we giving up? No. As the title says, 'Initial' campaign. There will be more.

Campaign Launch!

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It is finally here! Our marketing campaign launch. During our campaign, we will be reaching out to some pretty big companies. Top Brands! These companies you definitely would have heard about.

We will not go into the details at this time, as we wait to see how successful the campaign will be. This could be the 'make or break' time for the journey, but too early to say. Stay tuned!

Search Engine Rankings...Getting There but not Quite

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Well, we are getting good rankings with Google, Yandex, Baidu, Ask, but with Bing / Yahoo, it is not showing up as expected. We even opened a ticket with Bing to see if they can investigate. We explained what we were seeing, but their logic is not recognizing our site properly. Oh well, we can't wait anymore for organic search engine ranking to occur.

We weren't the first down this path

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Our site still isn't placing well with Bing search engine results. And we figured out why.

The 10milliondollarpage.com domain was registered a number of times in the past. Including ourselves, it has been registered 6 times since 2005.

The most recent before our purchase was until March 2014. Because of this, search engines still have some history of the site, and are still actively looking for the older pages. We are generating proper 404 errors (page not found), so it will take a while for the search engines to realize that the older pages are gone, and the new 10milliondollarpage.com is here to stay.

The other domains (tenmdp.com, tenmilliondollarpage.com) also had previous owners.

Samples Added

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A number of samples have been added showing some of the different ad-types.

There are a couple iframes (one actually pointing to a YouTube video). Will be beefing up the examples in the next little while to make it more explanatory (ie, we will use some animated GIFs)

Adtypes Shown and Explained

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This week, we are revealing and providing samples of the 4 advertisement types we have on our site. To summarize, the ad types we have are text, image, text and image, and finally iframe.

Because 3 of the ad types pull information from the client's site in real time, they will be very popular. As mentioned in the description under our https://10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca/10-million-dollar-page/advertisement-types, with creative server end scripting, the clients can generate advertising opportunities every time a visitor mouses over their grid image.

It is highly recommended to make use of animated gifs in the popups as well because this allows the visitors to see more of the products and services provided by our clients.

The 2 sample ad types pointing to https://www.rainbowloompatterns.com show what can be done with an animated gif within an iframe, and the other to a image and text ad type. The image in the
"image and text" adtype changes every minute to a random bracelet at this site.

One Month Since Launch of 10 Million Dollar Page / 10mdp.com - Search Engine results

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It is just a little over 1 month since the website launched. Making some headway on the Google search engine. Fluctuating between page 1 and page 3 when one searches for 10 million dollar page or 10mdp. Too far down the list for just million dollar page searches but it is showing up now.

Still awaiting some decent returns from Bing / Yahoo. Bing / Yahoo only returns some information when we search for "10 million dollar page" in quotes, and nothing yet for 10mdp.

Like we mentioned in our first post, it usually takes a while for the major search engines to arrange their organic searches to figure out what is happening, so the results we are getting, we are happy with. We mentioned it may take about 2 months. On previous projects, Bing beat Google with what we would call decent results.

Static Popups vs Dynamic Popups

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If the client chooses, they can opt in to Static Ads. Static pages or Ads are just that, static. We can populate the information for our clients, and it will be fixed. This would be a one-time task. The clients can still choose to go with Dynamic Ads in the future. Dynamic pages or Ads are ones which the clients populate. Our 10mdp Bot will poll our clients for these dynamically changing images and texts hourly.

Reserved more Domains for this Site - tenmdp.com and tenmilliondollarpage.com

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Well, in anticipation that this site will become popular, we grabbed the domain tenmdp.com in addition to 10mdp.com purchased back in June. 10mdp.com is easy to remember once you have seen it, but if someone tells it to you in conversation or on the phone (in today's world, a phone you use to talk electronically to one another), it is easier to say ten MDP.com rather than saying "ten" as in "one zero MDP.COM".

Also, the anticipation portion is once it becomes popular (it will), we rather spend our $30.00 dollars on the domains for 2 year now, than having to buy it from someone who figures, "tenmdp.com", we are going to park on that one now that it is popular. 20/20 hind sight averted, by using 20/20 fore site.

Ditto for tenmilliondollarpage.com, and for the same reasons. Thanks to our daughter for suggesting this one as well. So, 10mdp.com, tenmdp.com, tenmilliondollarpage.com, 10milliondollarpage.com...That's us.

Step X of the Plan

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In our first blog post, we mentioned Step 4 of the Plan. There is a plan, with multiple phases and approaches. We cannot reveal ahead of time what the rest of the plan will be. There are at least 10 Parts or steps to the Plan.

Since we added the Blog just the other day (and since everything was black ops until we launched October 1st), here is a breakdown of the first Steps.

Step 0. Working on the idea. This involved getting the domain(s), seeing how a similar site worked, improving on that idea, seeing if there are any other sites out there.

Step 1 was building the site. This involved figuring out how the site will work, create the database structure, Terms of Purchase, tying in Paypal, 10MDP Bot creation, xml file, landing zones, the whole nine yards. We had to figure out if we were going to be using javascript, jquery, ajax, etc.

Step 2 involved the formation of the Giveaway zone, terms, database, rules.

Step 3 was linking in Sample sites. This was pretty straight forward, since all the footwork was done in Step 1.

Step 4 could be considered "If you build it, they will come". With previous websites we have built, we know it takes about 1 to 2 months for search engines to get things organized and rankings to start to show.

We are currently working on Step 5 and 6 simultaneously. We figure Step 5 will take about a month to complete, and Step 6 will take a while longer.

Some of the Steps have to be executed in a certain sequence, while others can occur when completed.

When more ideas come to mind, we begin our implementation plans depending on complexity. For example, this blog. We thought it would be pretty cool to document the progress as it is happening, and provide some insight to what will be around the corner. This is not only for viewers, but also for ourselves to look back at and learn from the past successes and failures.

The blog wasn't part of our 10 Step Plan, but if we had planned on implementing it right from the beginning, it would have been.