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A Permanent Mark

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We know, what type of title is this. On July 17th, we posted The Woes of Getting the Word Out. In it we mentioned how search engines are ignoring our front page image because it is a "Background" image. And it is true. When we search the internet with all major search engines, we do not see a single image of our GRID. So, without further ado, we are leaving a permanent mark by posting an image of our GRID, so search engines are happy (and more so, we are happy :).

10 Million Dollar Page

Note: Since this blog is "home grown", the image below will always be a current snapshot of what the current GRID image is, so don't let the date of the blog throw you off.

And to leave an additional mark, here is a reference or download link to our GRID image. 10-million-dollar-page.jpg