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Million Dollar Homepage Alternative?

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Is the 10 Million Dollar Page created by Al Paul an alternative or clone to the Million Dollar Homepage created by Alex Tew 12 years ago?

The answer is neither yes nor no.

Yes. The pages and layout are similar. Both have a pixels-for-sale philosophy. Both are 1000x1000 grids of pixels broken into blocks of 100 pixels each. Both offer(ed) advertisers an image and a link. Both are successful in that both sites have participating merchants displaying their ads.

But that is where the similarities end. In addition to the image and link, the 10 Million Dollar Page offers a popup. This popup provides the consumer a sampling of what the merchant has to offer. The image and the link are not fixed on the 10 Million Dollar Page. The 10 Million Dollar Page is designed so that it can change every hour.

The Million Dollar Homepage is stale, with over 1/5 of its links stagnant. The 10 Million Dollar page is fresh with active, current merchants. Its links will never stale out, by design.

The Million Dollar Homepage filled in every available block and did not require a minimum purchase. This resulted in a somewhat cluttered look. The 10 Million Dollar Page is providing the merchants with decent size footprints on its Grid. There is also spacing between all the merchants, provide a more open look and feel.

The Million Dollar Homepage made its owner $1,000,000 dollars upfront from their advertisers. Alex trumped the market with that feat! The 10 Million Dollar Page gets its owner revenue through affiliate marketing (percentage of successful sales).

The 10 Million Dollar Page was written with the advertiser and the consumer in mind. It was tailor written for the most popular ad types. It is scalable with an expansion strategy.

In conclusion, although both websites are very similar to one another, they are not a clone of each other. Each one is unique enough to make its own distinct mark with the internet community.

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