Our Journey...

Below, you will find a chronological order of events which brought the 10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca to become what it has become today.

Blog Added

Posted on October 7th, 2015

A Blog has been added to the 10 Million Dollar Page. As a developer, we thought it would be a challenge to create our own blog from scratch. But then we figured, let's Google what was out there. Boy, are we glad we did. Did it not only save us who knows how many hours of additional work, but this is really a very nice Blog. We are using nibbleblog from http://www.nibbleblog.com/ .

On their main page, they hooked us in with 3 words we like ... Easy, Fast, Free. And were they right! It was super easy to install. It is fast (making use of a flatfile system which we are 100% behind). And free!

Kudos to http://www.nibbleblog.com/ for getting this right! Good job.