Our Journey...

Below, you will find a chronological order of events which brought the 10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca to become what it has become today.

Step X of the Plan

Posted on October 8th, 2015

In our first blog post, we mentioned Step 4 of the Plan. There is a plan, with multiple phases and approaches. We cannot reveal ahead of time what the rest of the plan will be. There are at least 10 Parts or steps to the Plan.

Since we added the Blog just the other day (and since everything was black ops until we launched October 1st), here is a breakdown of the first Steps.

Step 0. Working on the idea. This involved getting the domain(s), seeing how a similar site worked, improving on that idea, seeing if there are any other sites out there.

Step 1 was building the site. This involved figuring out how the site will work, create the database structure, Terms of Purchase, tying in Paypal, 10MDP Bot creation, xml file, landing zones, the whole nine yards. We had to figure out if we were going to be using javascript, jquery, ajax, etc.

Step 2 involved the formation of the Giveaway zone, terms, database, rules.

Step 3 was linking in Sample sites. This was pretty straight forward, since all the footwork was done in Step 1.

Step 4 could be considered "If you build it, they will come". With previous websites we have built, we know it takes about 1 to 2 months for search engines to get things organized and rankings to start to show.

We are currently working on Step 5 and 6 simultaneously. We figure Step 5 will take about a month to complete, and Step 6 will take a while longer.

Some of the Steps have to be executed in a certain sequence, while others can occur when completed.

When more ideas come to mind, we begin our implementation plans depending on complexity. For example, this blog. We thought it would be pretty cool to document the progress as it is happening, and provide some insight to what will be around the corner. This is not only for viewers, but also for ourselves to look back at and learn from the past successes and failures.

The blog wasn't part of our 10 Step Plan, but if we had planned on implementing it right from the beginning, it would have been.