Our Journey...

Below, you will find a chronological order of events which brought the 10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca to become what it has become today.

Getting with the Times - WordPress

Posted on March 2nd, 2016

Well, we finally gave in a bit to our purist goal of home-grown website development and are now using WordPress for our Blog. This is actually the second "canned" solution on our website. The first was for the blog as well, which is now being replaced by WordPress. We previously used nibbleblog, which was also a very easy and powerful blog tool.

The reason for the switch? WordPress is an awesome, rapid development tool. For Christmas, I was quite geeky, and gave my 10 year old daughter a geeky gift - her own website! So rather than having her ssh in and edit pages by hand (which we do for the main page, and all other pages other than this blog), we figured she can use a Web driven tool to maintain her site. Stay tuned for her site - not launched yet, but domain is purchased already for her.

So today, we migrated all our previous blog posts to WordPress posts (keeping all the dates as previously, for historic purposes).