Our Journey...

Below, you will find a chronological order of events which brought the 10milliondollarpage.wbca.ca to become what it has become today.

Initial Campaign Unsuccessful

Posted on May 22nd, 2017

Our initial campaign results from January were unfortunately not very promising. The campaign consisted of a letter we mailed out to 150+ potential clients. Yes, a letter. Old fashioned snail mail. From the 150+ letters, we received responses from 2 potential clients stating they were not interested at this time. Thank you for the responses. The rest, well, it was a black hole. No acknowledgements or responses. There was even some doubt in our minds whether the letters even made it out. But then, a small portion of letters were returned with a 'Return to Sender' stamp because of an invalid address. My bad. In my defense, some of the potential clients did not have mailing addresses on their websites, so I did the best efforts with the resources I had available.

Are we discouraged? Yes. Are we giving up? No. As the title says, 'Initial' campaign. There will be more.